New Features Release April 2023

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New Features Release

  • Rapid Recon Inspect™
  • Additional Info/Notes - Add notes to failed inspection questions with a corresponding work item; populates the note in the “Additional Information” field on work items.
  • Adding and Tagging Media - Capture media and attach to questions through the inspection form. Automatically adds to media gallery and tags to corresponding work items.
  • Summary Overlay on Mobile - Offers quick navigation to any section on the inspection form. Provides optics into percentage complete of each section as well as counts of failed questions, work items, media, and notes.
  • Updates to Form Setup and Config - Dealership name and Logo has been moved to this page.
  • User Profiles on Desktop and Mobile
  • Edit User Profiles - Change your password, record your unique signature, or update general information through the User Profile.
  • What’s New Bulletin and Announcements
  • Bringing the “What’s New” page to you! An overlay will now be presented with feature updates to Rapid Recon as they happen. An Announcement header will also provide important information, including smaller updates, outages, or other headlines to keep you in the know.
  • Other:
  • Edit vehicle information on mobile
  • Added pricing columns in Cost to Sales overlays
  • ODO field added to “Add Vehicle” overlay
  • Addition of “Oil Leak” question on RRUVI
  • Addition of “Clear Customer Data” question on RRUVI
We sell over 700 used cars a month. Tracking these vehicles through the reconditioning process has always been a task that is very difficult to deal with. With a dealership our size, Rapid Recon helped us manage the process. With the software that Rapid Recon has provided for us, we can find out where cars are at and at which step of the process. Finding out how fast their getting to the frontline has been terrific because in today’s age of used car sales it’s about speed to the frontline.
Jared Ricart | Reconditioning Manager | Ricart Automotive
We have been using Rapid Recon for quite a while and it has been a game changer for us. We use it at about 80% of its capacity and it is instrumental in coordinating 200 plus cars a month, for two stores, from multiple sources, in multiple locations at all times. We can track total days in recon, see where items get stuck, and quickly fix the problem. It works with our DMS and across multiple computer and table/smartphone platforms.
Chuck Dortenzio | Director Fixed Operations | Key Hyundai

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